Volunteer in Sudan

Volunteering for Hope Ofiriha in Onura, Magwi County, South Sudan, is a life-changing experience. You share your enthusiasm, time, skills, and energy, and the impact of your service can last a lifetime—for you and the people you serve.

If you can see yourself volunteering in a place where life is slow-paced and simple—but the needs are massive—you can be of immeasurable service to Onura’s warm, friendly community. Volunteers help staff a primary school, two nursery schools, and a healthcare clinic as well as work with members of the community to find simple, low-cost ways to solve the problems they face.

We look for volunteers who are:

  • Between the ages of 19 and 50
  • University graduates (you don’t need to be a graduate of a teacher’s college or fully qualified teacher or medical professional)
  • Enthusiastic about working as part of a team to meet the community’s most basic needs
  • Can commit to three or more months of service (although shorter trips can sometimes be arranged)
  • Conversant in English (South Sudan’s official language)

Unlike many highly structured volunteer programs, our program is very much self-directed. We encourage our volunteers to tailor their responsibilities to meet the community’s needs, taking into account our volunteers’ skills and interests. A teacher, for example, may decide to help in the healthcare clinic or a nurse may decide to help with tree planting.

To get started on your road to becoming a Hope Ofiriha volunteer, please carefully review our information guides available for download to the right. Then click here to apply.