Management & Oversight

Hope Ofiriha is a partnership between European and African volunteers who work together to transform the lives of South Sudanese women and children. We only have two paid staff members—a Uganda-Sudan Program Director and a Program Coordinator—and the rest of our work is carried out by our volunteer Executive Director; volunteer Board of Directors; and other volunteers from Europe, Africa, Australia, and North America.

Board of Directors

Hope Ofiriha’s Board of Directors has been the backbone of our success ever since our early days. The board promotes Hope Ofiriha to the public, sets our organizational goals, ensures our projects are moving forward, and manages our finances and fundraising. All board members are volunteers except Linda Acen Abili, our Uganda-Sudan Program Director and Board Chair.

Members of Hope Ofiriha’s Board of Directors are as follows:

  • William Logai Ochieng, Norway, Executive Director
  • Linda Acen Abili, Sudan, Uganda-Sudan Program Director and Board Chair
  • Achiro “Knight” Obwoya Achan, Australia, Fundraising Manager
  • Lucy Akot, Netherlands, Fundraising Manager
  • Beatrice Adul, Uganda, Loan Manager
  • Leo Ottawa, Sudan, Chief Trustee
  • Agnes Achan, Sudan, Chief Treasurer
  • Martina Acen, Uganda, Microloan Leader
  • Emiliano Lotti, Sudan, Education Officer
  • Rekela Dudu, Sudan, Beekeeping Manager
Europe Volunteer Team

When we became a registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Norway in 2007, we formed a volunteer team in Europe to oversee and scrutinize the actions of the Executive Director, help fundraise, and provide technical advice. This team provides checks and balances and verifies money Hope Ofiriha receives from outside of Sudan is used for its intended purpose.

Magwi County Advisory Board

Hope Ofiriha’s Board of Directors and staff members also consult with an ad hoc local Advisory Board in Magwi County to garner community support for our projects and obtain advice for strategic expansion and mid-course corrections. The local Advisory Board includes Commissioner of Magwi County H.E Ochilo Peter; other Magwi County officers; prominent local women; and representatives of traditional authorities (i.e., the chief, local elders, and clan and lineage leaders who constitute the governing body in a small settlement).