Sponsor a Child

As a child sponsor, you can help save a child from a life of extreme poverty. Your sponsorship will not only pay the fees necessary for your sponsored child to attend school, it will ensure the child is fed, clothed, and has access to medical care. Over the years, you will create an amazing bond with your sponsored child through the letters you share. You will learn about your sponsored child’s reality as well as the hopes and dreams of the child’s family and community. The relationship you build will transform both of your lives forever.

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Questions and Answers

Can I sponsor more than one child?
Yes. You can sponsor as many as you wish.

How do I follow up on my sponsored child’s progress?
As a sponsor, you will get in direct contact with your sponsored child. You will have the opportunity to develop a friendship through letter writing. You will also receive pictures of your child, health updates, and school progress reports.

Can I visit my child?
Yes. We will gladly help arrange a visit with your sponsored child. Unannounced or unaccompanied visits, however, are prohibited.

What happens if my sponsored child gets sick?
Your sponsored child will see a doctor and get treatment and medicine. You will also be informed of the progress of the treatment.

How long must I commit myself to be a sponsor?
Sponsorship lasts as long as your child stays in school and you choose to continue your support. We hope that you will help your sponsored child until he or she has finished primary school. Also, we encourage you to continue supporting “your” child through secondary school, high school, and possibly university.

What happens if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?
Your sponsorship is, of course, voluntary. So if you are unable to continue your sponsorship for any reason, we simply ask that you e-mail us at info@ofiriha.org. We also ask that you kindly pay three months in advance before stopping sponsorship so we have enough time to find another sponsor and can keep the child in school.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
You can sponsor a child attending a day school (and living with family or friends) or a boarding school. Day school sponsorship costs 15 EURO/$20 per month and boarding school 26 EURO/$35 per month. When your child reaches secondary school or university—thanks to you—the monthly fees will increase. You can then choose to stay as the child’s only sponsor and pay more or share sponsorship with someone else and not have your monthly payment go up.

Can I just make a single gift to help children needing sponsors?
We are thankful for all donations—large and small. If you would like to make a single donation to help South Sudanese children in Uganda, please visit our Keep Impoverished Refugees in School project page, select a donation option, and click donate.

Are sponsorship contributions tax deductable?
If you make your payments electronically through Omprakash Foundation, one of our U.S. partners, your sponsorship contributions will be tax deductable in the United States.