Our Clients Hugely Happy

Training_Pajok_clientsHO grants a tailor-made loan product to serve the need of economically- active returnees who are not served by the banks because of lack of collateral security. We believe the entrepreneurs who lack enough capital to start or expand existing trade should be given a chance to success. Our goal is to give them money to engage in income generating activity. We do our best to reach economically marginalized women and returnees in every corner of Magwi County.

With funding from W4, currently we are training 20 clients who will receive a loan to start their income generating activity or extend their existing enterprise after a duration of a course. The training covers basic meeting skills, sales skills, record keeping, simple bookkeeping, and a business selection skills. Also, HO gives each entrepreneur with a needed course materials.

Our women are hugely happy with the services they get from HO. Our dedicated field staff give personalized training, loan disbursement and repayment collection from a group of 20 members. We offer excellent customer care, and dedication to travel, so our clients do not have to fund their transport to repay loans.

HO works to empower women and strengthen families by improving their social and economic welfare. 99% of our borrowers are female. Research has shown a loan given to a woman is more likely to benefit her entire family than when the same amount is given to a man.

The outcome of our loan aims to help a woman provides her family with basic needs, build her future capital, and pay fees to educate her children to fight poverty.

In Magwi County, there is no money lenders. If any, their offer is to service the needs of businessmen. HO helps to contribute to a County’s overall economic growth by providing consumer-focused credits.

HO targets women clients. The first largest base is the unfortunate returnees who have few assets and limited chances to earn income. Many of these clients have little access to public services and no educational opportunities. Most are malnourished and earn incomes below the poverty line. They do subsistence farming, or selling basic goods out of a home or on a street corner. HO serves these borrowers with option of Group Solidarity to provide them with individual loans for micro-business.