Lee Ben Ibo Has Found a Sponsor!

Lee Ben Ibo is a partial orphan/abandoned child living in extreme poverty. His father disappeared when he was a toddler, leaving his mother alone to fend for their two children. Lee Ben is a young child with so much potential. Please sponsor Lee Ben, so he can escape poverty and achieve his dream of getting an education.

Child Details

First Name: Lee Ben
Last Name: Ibo
Gender: Male
Country: Uganda
Lives with: Grandmother
Date of Birth: February 15, 2005
Favorite Activity: Playing football (soccer)
Monthly Sponsorship Amount: 15 EURO/$20 per month (day school option)

Personal and Family Information

Lee Ben, the child of South Sudanese refugees, lives in Uganda with his grandmother. When his father disappeared in 2008, his mother began working three jobs to support her two children—as a night watchman at an industrial area, boda-boda (bicycle taxi driver), and gardener. She is currently attending a training program away from home to become a tailor. When she is done, she plans to open a tailor shop, so she can better support her children.

Lee Ben is a good student who loves studying English. He is currently in P.1 (first-year primary school). He needs your assistance, so he can stay in school and escape a lifetime cycle of poverty. Your monthly support will pay his school fees; provide him with food, clothes, and medical care; and ensure he does not have to drop out of school to work petty jobs to help support his family.

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