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Hope Ofiriha invests more in education than any other type of project because we strongly believe literacy is the ticket out of poverty. We fund the construction of school buildings and work to ensure children, especially girls and war orphans, stay in school.

Educate Children and Fight Poverty

South Sudanese kids with no school

Since the signing of the peace agreement in 2005, Omilling village has seen an influx of returning refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), including hundreds of war orphans and former child soldiers. The only school the village has to serve several thousand elementary-aged students is a small two-room temporary shack made out of twigs. The shack, used for early elementary, has no text books and no pit latrines (giving the school grounds an unpleasant odor)… Read More

Keep Impoverished Refugees in School

South Sudanese refugee children in Uganda

Our Uganda Education Project sends South Sudanese refugee children living in slums on the outskirt of Kampala city to school. Not only does the project pay their school fees and buy them school uniforms and books, it ensures the children are fed, clothed, and have access to medical care. The project is similar to our direct child sponsorship program, except it pools donations, allowing donors to give once or now and then without making a commitment. In 2010… Read More