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Hope Ofiriha's agricultural projects are aimed at diversifying crops, increasing food supplies, and improving farming and rural business practices. They mostly target rural women farmers who are heads of their households.

Combat Malnutrition with Beekeeping

Beekeeper in South Sudan

Many women in the remote village of Onura are single mothers supporting three or more children—their own off-spring, the children of relatives, war orphans, or children separated from their families. Many of these children, like half of children in the area, suffer from malnutrition. Beekeeping is a relatively cheap business for women to run to earn income to feed their families. Bees find their own food (while helping fertilize crops and without over grazing or contributing to deforestation)… Read More

Give Fresh Fruit and a Greener Environment


Forests are being cleared in Sudan at an alarming rate, creating one of the worst deforestation crises in the world. Deforestation is eroding soil, reducing agricultural productivity and biodiversity, making local climates drier, contributing to climate change worldwide, and fueling conflict over dwindling usable land. In Magwi County, trees are being cut down for building materials; to make room for farmland; or for fuel wood for cooking, drying tobacco, and firing blocks for reconstruction… Read More