Margaret Nalunga Achan Has Found a Sponsor!

Margaret is a war orphan and refugee living temporarily with a widow and her family in Uganda. She is a good student and has so much potential. She needs your love and support, so she can go to boarding school, escape poverty, and achieve her dreams.

Child Details

First Name: Margaret Nalunga Achan
Last Name: Achan
Country: Uganda
Lives with: Family friend
Date of Birth: March 13, 1997
Favorite Activity: Playing soccer
Monthly Sponsorship Amount: 26 EURO/U.S. $35 Per Month (boarding school option)

Personal and Family Information

Sudan’s long civil war left Margaret an orphan and a refugee. After both of her parents died, she and her three sisters went to live with her 77-year-old grandmother in a slum outside of Kampala, Uganda. Their grandmother, however, was too old and too poor to care for them. A family friend, Mama Rosa, has temporarily let Margaret and her three sisters move in with her and her own three children. Mama Rosa is a single mother who lost contact with her husband during the war (he probably is dead). Mama Rosa is supporting the seven children in her care as a subsistence farmer. Her meager income is not enough to cover her household’s needs, and her own children are not in school. In Uganda, parents or guardians must pay school fees to fund school buildings, books, writing materials, school meals, and uniforms.

Margaret is a good student and needs your assistance, so she can go to boarding school to escape a lifetime cycle of poverty. She recently lost her sponsor and will fall behind if she doesn’t return to school soon. Your monthly support will pay her school fees; provide her with food, clothes, and medical care; and prevent her from having to work petty jobs during school hours to help support her family. Access to malaria treatment is especially important for Margaret because malaria is endemic where she lives. She has come down with the potentially fatal disease several times, leaving her struggling care givers with the choice of buying expensive medicine to save her or not having enough money to put food on the table.

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