Brian Lobene

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Location: Kwate, Uganda

Personal Information

Brian Lobene is the fifth in a family of five children. His refugee parents are too poor to pay for nutritious food for their five children, let alone school fees. Brian’s hungry stomach is bloated, the telltale sign of malnutrition in children. Please sponsor him, so he can go to boarding school, have regular nutritious meals, and escape a lifetime of poverty.

Brian’s parents flee Sudan in 1996 during the civil war and settled in Masindi County, Uganda. In 1999, they moved to Kampala to look for better opportunities. Brian was born in 2000 in Kwate, a slum on the outskirts of Kampala, where they currently live in a rented home. His parents move from place to place around Kampala begging for employment, but it is nearly impossible for uneducated refugees to find a good one.

Brian’s father does odd jobs to get by and his mother does local breweries and tailoring whenever she can find a client. The five children are malnourished and do not attend school because Brain’s parents do not have the money to pay the school fees. In Uganda, parents or guardians must pay school fees to fund school buildings, books, writing materials, school meals, and uniforms.

Brian needs your love and support, so he can go to boarding school, have regular nutritious meals, and escape a lifetime cycle of poverty. He dreams of becoming a school teacher when he finishes his education. His favorite subject is English and he also enjoys playing football (soccer). Your monthly support will pay his school fees and provide him with nutritious food, clothes, and medical care.

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