Emmanuel Omuga

Age: 3
Gender: Male
Location: Bwebwajja, Wakiso district, Uganda

Personal Information

Emmanuel Omuga is an asylum seeker living in desperate poverty in Bwebajja slum, in an outskirt of Kampala, Uganda. He does not have the necessary things, such as toys, shoes, a bed with bed-sheets, blankets, and has almost no dresses. Her teen-mum has been unable to find work because she is a refugee. Hence, Emmanuel is barely surviving on her teen-mum hand – to- mouth support. He needs your love and help so he can go to a nursery and avoid starvation.

Emmanuel fled from South Sudan war as a baby in his mother’s womb. By then, her mother did not know she was pregnant with him. By the end of 2014, his mother aged 16, was kidnapped and raped instead of salary by the soldiers. First, his teen-mum escaped from a detention where the soldiers were keeping her and other women as sex-slaves. Later, she fled to Uganda, where Emmanuel, her son was born to a father she does not know.

Her mother does odd jobs to get by, and her income is little to pay house rent, food, and medical care, let alone nursery fees for her son. Emmanuel and her teen-mum are in desperate conditions and have no mean to keep going unless they get outside help.

In Uganda, parents or guardians must pay school fees to fund school buildings, books, writing materials, school meals, and uniforms. Emmanuel is cheerful, and a brilliant kid. He needs your love and support so he can go to a nursery to escape a cycle of poverty. Your monthly support will pay his school fees; provide him with food, clothes, and medical care; and prevent him from starvation.

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